Anne Stava-Murray Delivers on Campaign Promise to Oppose Madigan

Mike Madigan was re-elected today as Speaker of the House, but one DuPage Assemblywoman delivered on a promise not to support him. Anne Stava-Murray voted “present” in the Speaker election.

Stava-Murray rode last fall’s blue wave to a surprise win in the solidly Republican south-central DuPage 81st District, spending only $30,000 in the effort. Key to her success in this traditionally red suburb around Downers Grove was her vocal opposition to Madigan.

In an interview with the Sun-Times, Stava-Murray complained of pressure by interest groups and other legislators to force her to abandon her position. Their consistent message, according to Stava-Murray:

You can’t change the game and so you better get on the board. If you want to play the game, vote for the speaker.

Having delivered on this one promise she appears to be on her way right back out of the State Assembly. Before the legislative session even started, Stava-Murray announced her intention to challenge fellow Democrat, Dick Durbin, for his US Senate Seat in 2020. She will appear on WGN News tonight (1/9) at 5pm.

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