DiCianni and Hart will face off for Republican county board chairman nomination; Cronin campaign donates to Hart

August 3, 2021

As the 2022 election draws closer, DuPage county candidates have already begun to actively fundraise and organize their campaigns. Committee filings (readily available on the Illinois State Board of Elections website) can provide many insights on candidates who have yet to officially announce their campaigns. Though no candidates have publicly kicked off their campaigns for DuPage county board chairman (which is currently held by Republican Dan Cronin), at least two people are running for the Republican nomination, according to fundraising reports: county board members Pete DiCianni and Greg Hart. 

DiCianni served as Elmhurst mayor from 2009 until he resigned after winning a seat on the county board in 2012. DiCianni was also the Republican nominee for the 8th congressional district in 2016, when he lost the open seat to Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi. DiCianni’s behavior during police related protests in Elmhurst last summer, and his profane response to a constituent email, resulted in his resignation as Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee. He currently represents District 2 on the county board with Democrats Liz Chaplin and Paula Deacon Garcia. DiCianni raised a total of over $312,000 in the last quarter for his campaign (visible under the D-2 report on his committee page), including a loan of $250,000 from himself. Since the end of the last quarter he has also disclosed a $1,500 donation from Comcast. DiCianni’s campaign recently paid to send out a robocall to advertise a pro-Columbus statue event in Little Italy.

District 3 board member Greg Hart, who serves with fellow Republican Brian Krajewski and Democrat Julie Renehan, was appointed by Cronin in 2017 and won a full term in 2018. Hart is a member of the 2021 “Edgar Fellows” program, which is described by his Facebook page as “a statewide initiative designed by former Governor Jim Edgar to inspire respectful and collaborative leadership to address Illinois’ major challenges.” In the most recent quarter, Hart raised a total of over $273,000 (visible under the D-2 report on his committee page). Hart has also disclosed four additional donations over $1,000 during the month of July. These donations notably included $1,000 from Comcast (which also donated to DiCianni, as previously mentioned). Perhaps the most consequential donation listed is an in-kind contribution of $1735.41 from Citizens for Dan Cronin, which suggests that Cronin is supporting Hart and will not be running for re-election. 

This primary in particular will be an interesting look into the current divisions within the DuPage GOP. All countywide positions are likely to be highly competitive in the general election, despite Joe Biden’s record breaking 58%-40% victory over Donald Trump in DuPage County in the 2020 election.

—Nick Mastro

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