Glendale Heights Village President removed from ballot days before municipal election

The newest development in the tumultuous Glendale Heights Village President election is truly shocking. Longtime incumbent Linda Jackson was thrown off the ballot by the Illinois Supreme Court, according to a Facebook post from her campaign published on April 2nd. Since the election takes place on April 6th, there is no way for ballots to be reprinted. Numerous early votes and mail in votes for Jackson will not count, nor would write in votes. In the very unusual circumstance that Jackson wins on Tuesday, she would likely be barred from assuming office. 

Three of the four candidates for Village President have faced petition objections. One of Jackson’s opponents, library board member Chodri Khokhar, was previously removed from the ballot and later replaced after an appeal (though his name was apparently not present on some mail in ballots). Another of Jackson’s opponents, Ed Pope (who ran against her in 2017), survived a legal challenge to remain on the ballot. According to the Jackson campaign, these legal challenges have been pursued by opponent Michael Ontiveroz’s campaign.

The outcome of the race now appears to be up in the air. Pope has a solid base of support for a 4 candidate race, having earned over 45% of the vote in 2017, but a win for any of the other candidates appears possible (even Jackson, despite not being eligible to win).

CORRECTION: Votes from Pope were not counted in the DuPage election results page. Ontiveroz appears to have won narrowly against the other remaining candidate (Khokhar), though Jackson says she may pursue legal avenues.

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